Our Story

Ōmzig (pronounced Ohm-Zigh) was founded by information technology professionals with a focus on leveraging the benefits of enterprise-class computing in order to meet the needs of your business.

Our Vision

Omzig is your world-class managed IT services provider for your information technology needs. Each one of our technology professionals have earned  top level industry credentials proving we are best practice. 

Your Business

Allow us to help find the right technology to help your business be as productive as it can be.


What We Are


  • Expert Advice and Consulting

  • Computer network design

  • Technical support

Cutting edge

  • Secured e-mail and protection

  • Cloud based firewall and security

  • Cloud based e-mail and file backup

  • Proactive security updates

  • Network monitoring

  • Collaboration software

  • File security

World Class Partners

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